What is really good sex for me uniquely? And what I need to do–or not do–to make it happen? And what is the relation of sex to who I am? And the rest of my life?

Our workshops, festivals and events provide a place to learn and find answers to these questions. They provide an inclusive, creativeinformed, and deeper alternative to what is currently on offer in the contemporary Australian landscape.

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An Erotic Feast With Dr. Martha Tara Lee

6th-9th October

Orgasmic Yoga (Thurs. 6/10, 7-9:30pm)

Snuggle Party (Fri. 7/10, 7:30-10pm)

The Art of Touching Vulvas (Sat. 8/10, 9-1:30pm)

The Art of Cock Pleasure (Sun. 9/10, 2-6:30pm)

@Schwelle Sydney, North Bondi   

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The Sydney Festival of Death and Dying

The Festival of Death and Dying will be a unique and profound exploration of an often stigmatized aspect of Australian life.

The festival will feature over 30 workshops, rituals and performances over 3 days.

The full program and tickets will be available soon.

It will take place 18-20 November, 2016 at Critical Path in the beautiful harbour surroundings of Ruschcutters Bay, Sydney.


Kink and the Conscious Body

Week-End Workshop
with Peter Banki and Rebecca Rose

Saturday and Sunday 

 3-4 December  (10am-6pm)

Explore kink on the basis of body awareness and creativity.

This workshop is unique in Australia

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Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex

“The most progressive, inclusive and exploratory sexuality event in Australia.”

Next year’s festival will take place 26-29 January 2017 again at the Rex Centre in Potts Point.

“Is Really Good Sex what Actually Happens at a Sex Festival”

Read about Simon Copland’s experience of the festival in 2015 in The Guardian

“What always comes to mind about the festival is the quality of the people you meet and the connections you make.” Emma Michelle Dixon, Ph.D.

“…it changed my life and gave me a sustained optimism about what it is possible to experience in this realm.” HS

“Are any of us truly comfortable about sex?” 

Read Festival Director Peter Banki, Ph.D’s article about the festival in 2016 in The Guardian

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