The Mango Temple with Juliette Dragon and Bianca Wolff

The mango is sacred. The mango is sensual. The mango is the most sexual fruit of all by virtue of its perfume, its texture, its anti-oxydent and aphrodisiac properties, and its energetic, cosmetic, gastronomical qualities.  The mango is sacred. One can lick it, suck it apply it to the face, the body, the genitals and then lick and suck them each one in turn. Massage oneself with it, exfoliate it or simply taste it as a solitary, regenerating and refreshing pleasure.

The MANGO TEMPLE is a sexy SPA dedicated to this divine fruit.

The priestesses of the Temple welcome you for a 90 minute ceremony to honour the cult of the GODDESS - the Feminine power of sweetness, pleasure and letting go.

To end at last with the capitalist society of efficacy and permanent challenge. 

To stop, to ask oneself, to stretch oneself, to relax, to accept oneself, to meditate, to become aware of one's body, of the perfume, odours, of one's environment with sweetness, sensuality (all the senses awoken), to savour a mango, alone or with others, to give free reign to one's imagination, to one's creativity, to one's sweet and hedonistic drives, not necessarily for explicit sex, rather for a disinterested eroticism in the service of the beauty of the instant.

Juliette Dragon is a multidisciplinary cabaret artist. Ex fashion model for Martin Margella and Jean-Paul Gaulthier, her background is in music, dance, theatre, martial arts and circus, where she specializes in fire. She is the founder of the Ecole des Filles de Joie in Paris, which is the first New Burlesque Cabaret School in France. She teaches women the art of french seduction as an art-therapy to help them in their female empowerment. She has presented her work and workshops all over Europe and in Australia.