Of Ice and Fire with Juliette Dragon

Fire is one the four sacred elements. It fascinates people as it can be seen both as a protective or destructive goddess depending on its mood. Fire changes, it may warm up, heat or burn. It is very sensual; it stings and caresses the body. To play with fire without knowing its behaviour is dangerous. But when we learn to manipulate and hypnotise it, it becomes sensual and we may use it for erotic play. This workshop teaches the conditions under which fire can safely be used in sexual play. We learn how to let the flames and fire kiss and caress ourselves and our partners, so we can play with it without fear and risks. The workshop teaches how to domesticate, but still love this goddess ardently.

What happens in the workshop?

This is a workshop of fire play using fire sticks and burning liquid. First we go through the principal rules of fire play to avoid injury or accidents, this includes some information about physics and how fire reacts to different materials.

Then we will try to understand the sensation and the effects that it produces. After that, we will blindfold our partner and surprise them, by making them tremble, playing between the erotic sensations of ice and fire, cold and hot, one by one.

For whom is the workshop?

The workshop is for lovers from all genders who want to add fire play to their erotic repertoire. It is also for those who are afraid of fire and would like to calm their fear.

Will I need to bring something, is there a dress code, how do I prepare?

Do NOT dress up in clothes made of synthetic materials, please use clothes made of natural fabrics, such as cotton or wool. You may also be naked if you wish. You may want to cover your body hair before joining the workshop, unless, of course, you want to exit the workshop with less hair!

Is there nudity in the workshop? We may be dressed or nude, depending on the wishes of the participants. If we want to stay chaste, underwear works just well, but there needs to be some bare skin so we can feel the flames on our bodies.


Juliette Dragon is a multidisciplinary burlesque artist. Her background is in music, dance, theatre and circus, where she specializes in fire. She is the founder of the Ecole des Filles de Joie, which is the first New Burlesque Cabaret School in France. She has presented her work and workshops all over Europe and in Australia."