Slow Sex with Maja Vaar

In this experiential workshop we will discover the energy that flows through your body when you are calm and slow instead of excited, goal-oriented and getting ahead of yourself. It is about cultivating the subtle but powerful sensations in your body that arise when you remain attuned to yourself, with attention to the details of the situation as they emerge, moment by moment.

Slowing down and surrendering to your body is a gateway to heightened levels of pleasure. Following this stream of warm pulsating sensation inside yourself can lead to magnificent, mind-blowing, whole-body orgasms and deeply satisfying sexual experiences. 

This is an experimental workshop with a focus on exploring sensuality and surrendering to the sensations of the body. It will include guided practices for enhancing pleasure through the art of slowing down and tuning in, breathing practices, and solo and partner practices aimed at enhancing the sensations and awareness.  

Together we will explore:

·       The sexual power of relaxation

·       The importance of connecting to yourself first, before you try to connect to another

·       The centrality of breath, sound and movement for deeply satisfying, nourishing sex

·       Discovering the power of the erotic pause

·       Exploring sensuality by surrendering to the body

·       Using your breath for pleasure and sexual energy activation

·       Cultivating heightened levels of pleasure through subtlety

·       Expansive body practices for deeper embodiment

·       How to develop presence during love-making to enhance connection and deepen intimacy

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Maja has 20 years of experience with conscious sexuality, body-based therapy, yoga, meditation, movement/dance, and Breath and Bodywork. Since 2011, she has worked tantric with people in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, as well as internationally. Fusing these therapeutic modalities, Maja assists people in reclaiming their natural self-expression, rebuilding their responsiveness to life, and rekindling their spontaneity, vitality and love - all through a deep surrendering to the ecstasy of the body. She facilitates workshops, conscious touch groups, and Breath and Bodywork sessions with individuals and couples.