About the Festival - Sydney 2018 edition


The Really Good Sex Festival is a two day journey like no other. It is a play ground to have new experiences and face your fears and blockages when it comes to sexuality. All workshops and parties are learner-centred and for every-body, whether you are young or old, single or in a couple, monogamous or in an open relationship. The festival creates a safe container for embodied, experiential learning in a sex-positive space, where all activity is based on informed consent. 

All Inclusive Tickets $299 plus b/fee ($250 plus b/fee low income), One day Tickets $185.

The Sydney 2018 edition will take place on 6-7 October in Darlinghurst. It offers an array of participatory workshops, talks and ceremonies over 2 days and 2 nights. 


The Festival is a unique opportunity to:

  • Let go more and find the courage to discover new things;

  • Cultivate your sense of playfulness and creativity;

  • Develop a bodily understanding for what is okay for you and what is not okay;

  • Discover and connect with people who accept you for who you are;

  • Have and maintain healthy boundaries with others;

  • Integrate your sexuality in healthy and reflective ways with the rest of your life;

  • Feel the joy of being alive.


Saturday 6th October

Sunday 7th October

Our Sydney Presenters