The Festival of Really Good Sex is produced by a small team of dedicated people who are committed to celebrating the joy of being alive, while questioning the shame, guilt and fear of sexuality that so many of us today still struggle with.

Peter Banki, Ph.D is the Founder and Director of the School of Really Good Sex and of the Festival of Death and Dying. Peter is also member of the Philosophy Research Initiative at the University of Western Sydney, where he has also lectured and tutored in the School of Humanities and Languages.

He holds a Ph.D from New York University (September, 2009). His book The Forgiveness To Come:  the Holocaust and the Hyper-Ethical  came out recently with Fordham University Press. His research interests include the intersections between philosophy and sexuality, and the politics of reconciliation and forgiveness in relation to cultural trauma. 

Read Peter Banki's recent article in The Guardian about the Festival of Really Good Sex. 

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A selection of Peter's other academic publications can be found at

Natalia Je has been involved with the festival and associated ventures since 2011, as a Committee member, facilitator, administrator, volunteer coordinator, devil’s advocate and creative mastermind behind some of the wicked concepts that we have unleashed. 

She has a background in social work, psychology, alternative medicine, dance and bodywork. She is one of the convenors of Critical Perspectives on Madness Reading Group and a member of several mental health consumer and survivor initiatives. Informed also by her own history and experiences of ‘madness’ and distress, her research, advocacy and activism  centre on challenging the mainstream bio-medical approaches to emotional distress and fostering emancipatory practices and discourses in and alongside the mental health sector. 


Ira Zev is a Sociology Major with a background in education. She is a writer and general lover of and advocate for creative expression. Ira is the co-founder of the EroticART Project, a project that creates radical spaces for interactive erotic creativity. 

Ira endeavours to educate and advocate critical thought by creating space for critical discussion and radical experiences in relation to sex, sexuality and how we interact with it. 


Sarah Ro has qualifications in Gender and Cultural Studies and Social work. She is one of the founders of OFF THE WALL INC and also one of the founders and facilitators of Sydney’s Critical Perspectives on Madness Reading Group. She has experience facilitating therapeutic and educational groups and workshops, including on sex and madness. Sarah has been involved with the School of Really Good Sex since 2011. She is informed in her work by her own experiences of distress and other states of mind and is interested in challenging dominant approaches to what is often termed 'mental illness'. Sarah is interested in the intersections between the body, writing, literature, erotica, sexuality, madness and the exploration of diverse experiences.