The Three Circles Ritual with MisJif

In preparation for the ritual, you learn powerful embodied practices that you can take away and use to expand your erotic capacity, create more intimacy and connection in your life and access more sensation and pleasure.

In this embodied ritual we will explore 3 states of being:

Stillness – the realm of being, holding space and witnessing;

Awakening – the realm of waking up the body – shaking and stretching, laughing and screaming, self-massage and dancing, breathing and self-pleasure;

 Ecstasy – the realm of safe, consensual, communal erotic embodiment

The 3 Circle structure embodies authentic consent. Participants move freely and fluidly from one state to another allowing their own sexual energy to lead and guide them. Experience the freedom to be human and the deep intimacy that comes from a group erotic experience.

This is a clothing optional workshop. Please bring a sarong or towel to lie on.


MisJif is a certified Sexological Bodyworker and a Somatic Sex Coach with a wealth of experience teaching around the world. She is a self-certified sex aficionado with formal qualifications in Sexology (Curtin University) and Sexual Health (University of Sydney).   MisJif is a qualified adult educator and therapist as well as an experienced presenter and podcaster. 

MisJif has been instrumental in the planning of Canadian charity events, aimed at raising awareness around sexual health.  She also works actively and tirelessly for Touching Base (, an Australian charity that connects those with disability to sex workers.

MisJif is passionate in her belief that the art of lovemaking should be treated with the same reverence and delight as gastronomy; asserting that adding spice to the bedroom creates dynamic and intimate relationships and that, in turn creates a recipe for mental and physical well-being.   She believes that the exploration and enjoyment of lovemaking should be a journey and not just a destination.

In her limited spare time, MisJif likes to jog around her neighbourhood and enjoys open mic comedy nights.  She is convinced she is a tall lady trapped in a short lady’s stilettos!