Become a Festival Helper

If you are currently short of cash or you just enjoy helping out, we absolutely want you to come. Helper tickets are available for less than half price. We currently need helpers to contribute their energy, skills and creativity to making the festival run smoothly and with flair. 

If you elect to be a festival helper, you will help with:

1.) assisting presenters during workshops (you generally get to choose who you wish to assist)
2.) assisting the caterer with serving food
3.) assisting at the front desk, making sure that everyone has an appropriate arm band and making sure only festival attendees enter
4.) Cleaning-up both during the day and before closing each night.

5.) Assist with festival publicity (posts on Facebook, Meet-up, distribute flyers, etc.)

As an festival helper, you work at most only half the time of the festivalFor the other half you are a regular participant.

If this sounds like you, and you are a proactive, friendly and reliable and are a team-player, please fill out this application form stating your wish to be an at festival helper with some information about yourself and what your skills are.

PLEASE NOTE: Helper tickets are not free. If you are accepted as a helper, the cost is $60.

Thank you!