Sexuality and Improvisation with Troubador Improv (2:30-4pm)

Dive deep into the ocean of human interaction. In this improvised show Troubador Impro will explore themes of love, intimacy, sex and connection.Without scripts of guide them, they rely on their own true experience and the stories of their audience to inform their situations and guide their decision making as they play with what it means to be human.

Troubador Impro


As the newest addition to the impro theatre scene in Canberra, Troubador seeks to delve the wondrous depths of the human experience through spontaneity, story-telling and song. The troupe is led by Canberran musician Damian Ashcroft, who discovered improvisation in 2016. Damian instantly fell in love with impro theatre. His own philosophy that "love = acceptance" made a natural connection to the art form, of which 'offer and acceptance' are fundamental elements. After studying at ImproACT,, and traveling through Europe where he performed notably in Barcelona and Slovenia, Damian founded Troubador. Gathering his friends and colleagues, who together offer decades of theatrical experience, Troubador aims to experiment and explore with absolute freedom. They have no trouble playing with comedy, tragedy, humour and pathos, because their primary concern is Truth.