Blindfolded Journey of Tantric Touch with Isy Gabriel and Phil Morey (4:30-6pm)

"Tan-tra" is an ancient sanskrit word that means "expansion or weaving - of consciousness". Join us for a blindfolded journey of the senses.


By removing our sense of sight, we enable out other sense to come more alive, such as smell, touch and intuition. When we allow the mystery of '“not knowing” the identity of the beings near us, a different kind of permission arises as we gently caress our lean into this body and energy field. This workshop is tantric, erotic and profoundly moving.

All inclusive, Clothed or partially clothed (no genitals exposed). Boundaries fully respected.

Isy and Phil have been working together in these retreats for two years and enjoy the dynamic polarity they bring in their balanced masculine, feminine and eclectic diverse and synergistic talents and backgrounds. Both have done Shadow Tantra training with Arven Alexander, Seani Love, Ira Zev. and others in the Conscious Sexuality field.

With an early background in Psychology and bodywork, Isy has been facilitating this Energenetics style of Constellations for 5 years after 14 years passionately involved in Constellation field. It is often a non-verbal, purely feeling experience, the language of the soul. Clearing outmoded sexuality circuits is one of her passions! She specialises in back trauma, clearing trauma in the ancestral linegae, authentic sexual expression (4 years of training with ISTA Shamanic Sexuality) and Shadow-work. Bringing love to the places we do not.

Facilitator of Inspired Breath for over 10 years, he journeys deeply to touch the places that the breath can bring healing to.

"On your morning walk you reflect on our explorations into Shadow Tantra. You start to feel a quickening in your soul as you realise this work is sacred and has an aspect of magic that it really hard to put into words.... its awakening within the body. With excitement you wonder what we have in store at this evenings Temple night? Will I dare to explore deeper into my erotic nature?" Phil Morey