Navigating a Play Party (8-9pm)

Do you experience anxiety before going to a play party? Do you worry about what to wear and how to behave?

Well you're not alone. Nearly everybody does.

Do you fear your partner might be attracted to someone else? Or that you might go home feeling frustrated and lonely? That people will cross your boundaries or that no-one will find you attractive?

Don't worry. Nearly everyone does.

Part of the reason why we are attracted to such events is that they take us out of our comfort zone, that they put us in a place where we can feel vulnerable...while the rewards can be really lovely...and hot.

We have decided to offer this workshop to help you to cope with play party anxiety and to share with you what we know about play party etiquette as well as some tools we have learned to cope with the inevitable stuff that comes up.

In this workshop, we'll discuss:

*how to connect with people at a party;
*how to dress in a way which makes you feel attractive and attracts others;
*how to cope with sexual frustration and peer pressure;
*how to avoid getting complained about (or thrown out);
*pre-negotiating boundaries and involvement with other people with your partner(s).

Workshop is led by Peter Banki, Ph.D