Catering at Into the Wild

We know that not everybody likes to eat in the same way. So we have decided separate the catering from the ticket price to give you more food options. You may choose one of these three food options or a mixture of all of them:

1. The festival has its own full time caterer on site (see below) who will be preparing food during the whole 6 six days. Her name is Amanda Christenson from Thoughtful Food Co. You can purchase catering from Amanda either for the whole festival or a part thereof, i.e., for one day, three days or six days. Amanda's cooking is extremely healthy and organic.  

2. There will also be food trucks on site during the first three days, where you can purchase breakfast, lunch or dinner. The food trucks will be run by Pizza By Pietro and The Deli Truck

3. You can also self-cater, if you wish. There are two fully equipped kitchens on the property where you can cook yourself either to keep costs down or because you have special dietary needs. The town of Nowra is also a 10 minute drive away where you can purchase anything you may need. 

The retreat menu from Amanda Christenson from Thoughtful Food Co.

Purchase catering from Amanda via the Trybooking link given below.

Price per day $55 - this is 3 meals (casual payment ie two days only )

Price for 3 days $150 this is 3 meals a day

Price for 6 days $270 this is for 3 meals a day

Choice of breakfasts

Gluten free cereal and fruit 

Toast - either gluten free or sourdough with assorted spreads and jams plus a fruit platter

Moroccan baked eggs with haloumi

Vegan French lentil spinach & mushroom bowl


Choice of Lunches 

Veggie wraps - gluten free and vegan

Chilli bean spinach and sweet potato Nachos - gluten free and vegan

Pulled organic pork roll with apple and fennel slaw

Buddha bowls - gluten free and vegan ( add chicken )



There are only two choices for dinners each night a vege/ vegan and a meat dish and they will be served in individual portions


First evening (25/01)

Baked fish parsels with crunchy potatoes with apple and fennel slaw

Baked stuffed mushrooms with crunchy potatoes and apple fennel slaw


Second evening (26/01)

Beef Lasagna served with green goddess salad

Zucchini lasagna served with green goddess salad


Third evening (27/01)

Chicken and chorizo paella served with vegetable salad

Vegetarian paella served with vegetable salad


Fourth evening (28/01)

Soy spiced chicken wings and vermicelli salad

Soy spiced baked tofu and vermicelli salad


Fifth evening (29/01)

Fish curry with Persian rice and pappadums

Vegetable curry with Persian rice and pappadams


Sixth evening (30/01)

BBQ with  3 side salads 


These are loose menu ideas but very good representation of what she will make. There will be big bowls of fruit and containers of my energy mix along with raw cacao bliss bombs as well.