Christine Devine

Christine Devine

My life has been full with allowing myself to explore political personal freedoms and fighting for rights My fist political rally was in 1978 which has now been celebrated in Sydney yearly "Gay Lesbian Mardi Gra" 

I believe in caring for our community I enjoy connection with the earth and each other I lead a heathy productive sustainable peaceful lifestyle. I am interested in healing via massage. Touch in its many different sensations.

I am a creative artistic being with qualifications in Diploma of Fine Arts and Batchelor of Media

I have produced a video named Sacred Sex Revealed which premiered around Australia.

My focus at this time in my life is to share my energy to heal blocked bodies by detoxing massage combined with a hands on Australian bush raw intuitive Massage. I am qualified in Charka balance, Balinese intuitive, Lomi Lomi, Thai massage