Elisa Bio


Hailing from Rome, Elisa became interested in alternative sexuality early in life. Elisa has been a linchpin of the growing polyamory community from 2012 in Rome before moving to Sydney in 2015. An experienced kinkster, Elisa has worked as a pro-domme in both her old home and new. Since moving to Sydney, she has opened new avenues into tantra and body awareness practices. Founder of Intimate Horizons, she is teaching from 2017 in Australia, US and, soon, in Europe.

Sensual Rope

Kinbaku is not only knots and techniques but it is connection, sensuality, beauty. Ropes can be used to communicate and create fear, pleasure, suspense and much more. We will learn how to connect with our partner in a non-verbal communication, and will play with distance, speed, sight, touch.

Bodies as canvas, ropes as colours and connection as inspirations.