Erotic Photography with Julian Jayar

There’s a fine line between Erotica and Porn. A nude image can also be glamour, boudoir or fine art, so what are the distinctions and where do the lines blur? Less about titillation and much more about creative suggestion, erotica is artistic, often empowering, playful and humorous but always leaves something to the imagination; the brain being our sexiest organ. Following a brief overview and examples, there will be a guided space and time set up for festival participants to feature and experiment with erotic imagery.


Julian regularly photographs non-professional models including friends, acquaintances, colleagues from his world(s) of art, music and professional design, sex workers and conscious sexuality educators, singles and couples alike. Treating each session as a form of conversation, he gently seeks to draw out each subject’s inner natures as a form of erotic portraiture. Julian has recently had his erotica and boudoir images featured in several exhibitions and publications and recently had prints purchased for exhibition at the Concorde Erotic Art Gallery in Paris.