Zen and Alchemy of Blood and Sharp Objects with AnA Wojak (2:30-4pm)

A creative workshop contextualizing our human relationship with blood and the breaching of skin in a cultural, social & historical context. We will explore the subtleties of mind/body chemistry with practical guidance into the esoteric art of ritualized body piercing. There will also be the option to participate in a short ritual to conclude the workshop.

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AñA Wojak is a gender fluid cross-disciplinary artist working in performance, installation, painting, assemblage, theatre design and more recently dance. Australian born, they studied in Gdańsk, Poland amid the turmoil of Solidarity and Martial Law. They have been an exhibiting visual artist for nearly 40 years and a performance artist for 20. AñA has shown in numerous award exhibitions, winning the prestigious Blake Prize in 2004, and their work is featured in private and public collections.

Based in Northern Rivers NSW, AñA's performance and video have been shown throughout Australia and internationally. They have collaborated with a number of performance companies including Tony Yap Co (Australia), Pacitti Co (London), La Pocha Nostra (US) and were co-founders of senVoodoo.

AñA Wojak has performed at festivals in Australia, Europe and Asia and in 2018, following performance with Eve Klein at MONA FOMA they returned to Pelem Festival Java, MAP Festival Malaysia and the inaugural Buffalo Field Bangkok.

Since 2013 they have been delving deeper into SE Asian trance techniques and have expanded their performance practice into dance. AñA has been working with blood and ritual for over 20 years.

With a particular interest in site-specificity, durational performance, ritual and altered states, AñA Wojak creates visually poetic works that resonate with a visceral depth.