Acts of Service as Acts of Love with Gideon Payten-Griffiths (9:30-11am)

Through acts of service, we can find our own deep pleasure and mutual gratitude. Allowing yourself to purely receive these acts can also involve crossing some personal thresholds and that surrender allows the deep pleasure of having your needs satisfied and being touched by another, physically and emotionally.

Learning to hold space, be present for another and listen with the whole body can allow these dynamics to deepen.


Gideon will be drawing on his work as an interdisciplinary artist, performer, bodyworker and server to further explore these ideas with you and offer some accumulated exercises around these reoccurring themes in his practice.

The philosophy is always present but this will be a practical workshop where we will do some pragmatic and ancient acts of service - grooming, ablutions and foot washing. They are not (necessarily) sexual acts but they are acts of love.