A Curious Approach to Spanking with Rog

What is it with spanking? Why does it have such allure? Why does it hold such a special spot in the heart of the kink-identified and mainstream lover alike?
Spanking is an art that has developed over hundreds of years. In particular with traditional, "Corporal Punishment" scenes, very specific protocols and disciplines have been developed that define exactly what should, and shouldn't, happen within a spanking scene.
Curious Creatures would like to invite you to something completely different. Part sensation play, part spanking, and part just bloody good fun between consenting adults, you are invited to "A Curious Approach to Spanking". No historical pretense or lineage is implied; this is simply the way Curious Creatures like to spank and be spanked, nothing more, nothing less.

This workshop will involve stuff like:
- Negotiation, discussion, consent, and all those other verbal / emotional things that makes sex awesome and sustainable.
- Warm-up. Because, y'know, warm-up. Especially if you're not very experienced.
- Occasional glances in the direction of tantra, breathing techniques, and spanking as a spiritual / meditative practice. (But not too much).
- How to 'read' your partner.
- Some practical stuff, like stingy versus thuddy, and how to (lovingly) hurt the person you're spanking rather than your own hand.

This workshop is for pairs of people. You need to find someone you're comfortable exploring this territory with, and invite them. The can be your lover, your friend, your play-partner... For all we care, they can be your relation. The important thing is that you've both read this workshop description, and you both consent. Oh, and you'll need a bum and a hand.
You will be switching (meaning, you will be both giving and receiving from your partner, the Curious experience of spanking). This is not because we think that everyone is a Switch - seriously, 100% Dom and Sub looks really good on a lot of people - but because you learn better when you do both. If you disagree, we love you, but please don't come.