From Sexual Abuse to Sexual Healing: Fluidity and Trust

Dean Walsh and Andrew Batt-Rawden will commence this workshop with a series of personal disclosures and experiential insights as survivors of childhood sexual abuse / rape. They will discuss how their artforms (dance and music) have played a role in their sexual healing in both public and private spaces. They will discuss their more recent combined explorations into creative sexual ritual and the role of kink as empowering play through deep togetherness, respect, tenderness, trust and addressing feelings of shame and/or inauthenticity of self. They will also discuss how their neuro-diversities (Asperger's syndrome and Bipolar 2) are linked to their relationship between artistic practice, sex and abuse healing and communication.

Participants will then be guided through a series of structured explorations in movement, sensory awareness, sound immersions and deep breathing techniques brought from scuba and free diving. Both men draw from sophisticated creative methods used for choreography and music composition which they have used to inform sexual exploration and ritual and continue to explore this approach together, finding they possess profound healing qualities and help with some effects of childhood sexual violation.

Participants can watch or physically engage with this segment of the workshop. No-one will be pressured to participate in any mode they do not feel ready for or comfortable with. This workshop will be delivered gently, authentically, yet explicitly. 

In closing, mental and sexual health clinician, Marie Rockford, will share some insights she has gained in her years of practice as a mental and sexual health clinician and where people can seek professional assistance in Sydney in sexual abuse counseling. 

This workshop is also open to people living with physical and / or neurological disability / diversity. This workshop is co-lead by dancer, choreographer, movement researcher, scuba diver and marine environmentalist, Dean Walsh, and composer, dancer and arts entrepreneur, Andrew Batt-Rawden


As this is not intended as group therapy, in any official context, we advise that if you are a victim of child sex abuse currently undergoing treatment, please ask your therapist's advice on your participation.