Beyond The Kama Sutra with Helena

In this workshop we will practice different sexual positions and choreograph them into a flow. Partners will learn to breathe together in each position to create greater connection and raise and pass the energy between them.

NB: This is a clothing optional workshop open to all genders and orientations. 


Helena comes from a linage of female healers. Her mother was a midwife and carer of babies and women (both young and elderly).

She grew up on a sheep station in NSW, where occasionally, a lamb would have white muscle disease or pink eye. She would look at them, tune into them, then lay my hands on 'where they needed it'. By the end of the day they would be cured. The first time she made love, light shot through my body ... then she grew up and forgot it all.

She became a contemporary dancer and Olympic gymnastics coach, always fascinated with the human body and curious about pushing its limits.

After having children, she opened a pilates studio ( which she still runs) and a dance and gymnastics school. After the break up of my marriage she spent 5 years delving into Tantric studies with Oceania and Icarus in Byron Bay.

She had found her path.