Cruise! with Newman Alexander

Why is cruising only for gay boys? If the space were safe enough, wouldn't people of all genders love to cruise each other and have random, wordless encounters with strangers?

This space is open at set times during the festival and held by helpers who are well versed in keeping spaces safe. A simple set of guidelines is presented to each cruiser on the way in, inviting them to slow down, pay attention to body language and use gestures for yes & no. Then they are free to roam and to cruise. 

The invitation is for the space to be bawdy but conscious, filthy but present, vibrant and unlimited. Condoms, lube and gloves are on hand as needed. The only other rule: no lying down. All action must be done standing or bending over. 

NB: This activity will be part of the Integration, not part of the festival program itself