Lady Cacao’s Secret Chamber with Newman Alexander

What sits in the secret chamber of your heart and how can you get in touch with it? Newman invites you to an intimate, sensual space where Peruvian ceremonial cacao helps you access your tender vulnerability. 

Once the secret chamber is open, it’s time to play. From this rich place of tenderness and vulnerability you’ll find yourself making deeper, more intimate, more meaningful connections. In this unique playspace you can discover how intimacy, vulnerability and sensuality meet and enhance each other.

“What I received was an experience of being skillfully guided in my 'not knowing' and gently held in the mystery of ritual and cacao, as I was gradually led to the edge... Something has really shifted, not only on an energetic and emotional level. I feel viscerally different. Something is changing in my body, and others can feel it too.” – Karen (On Lady Cacao London, 2017)

NB: This activity will be part of the Integration, not part of the festival program itself