A Luscious World of Whipping with Sarka

Do you like to play with your body? Do you like to play with different levels of intensities? Are you looking for expanding the level of intimacy between you and your partner? Are you curious and like trying different things out? If you have answered yes to  at least one of the questions this workshop is for you !!!

I am inviting you to discover the world of conscious whipping where we will explore the relationship between you and the power of the whip, you and your partner, and the space ''in between'' in which the magic happens, if you dare to enter. Let's have a close look how a direct impact on the body can deepen our body awareness, and how breath, movement and sound can enhance the bodily sensations as well as to intensify the flow of energy in the body. 

For some, playing with whips is a tool to spice up their time in the bedroom, for some it is an symbol of ultimate power and control and for some it is a deep, spiritual practice. 

With grace and elegance we will learn how to manipulate and handle the whip, receive and give various degrees of impact and how to process its intensities. All will be conducted in a safe place of a luscious world in which sensual magic arises.

Here we are, here I invite you.

This workshop is open to all genders, sexual preferences and skill levels and equally suitable for those participating alone or with a partner.