The Opening Ceremony (6-7:30pm)

Meet the festival presenters, learn about verbal and body consent, and how best to navigate through the festival. The official festival opening will take play at 7pm on Friday 1st June.

To ensure that everyone who comes to the festival takes part in an atmosphere of informed consent, all participants, who have bought an all-inclusive ticket, must attend the Opening Ceremony, during which we will provide a framework which will enable participants to express their wishes and boundaries in clear ways, and gracefully to accept refusal. If you cannot attend the Opening Ceremony, you need to a Festival Induction on Saturday or Sunday morning at 9am. We will look at questions such as stating one's boundaries, impulse control, how to deal with unpleasant interactions, as well as partner choice. We will also provide necessary tools about how to read "body consent", which supports verbal communication. 

The Opening Ceremony will also include a journey through the senses, which will provide you the opportunity to practice you've learned about consensual and boundary-appropriate touch.

Multi-Orgasmic Practices for Those with a Penis with Peter Banki, Ph.D (8-9:30pm)

In this introductory workshop for men (or those who have a penis) you will learn Chi Kung exercises, which will help you to experience your full range of orgasmic potential. These exercises will allow you to make love longer and more intensely, while bringing your partner to full satisfaction.

This workshop has been inspired by the Universal Healing Tao and the pathbreaking work of Master Mantak Chia. It is also the result of the collaboration between the School of Really Good Sex and Adam Gokman from Healing Tao Australia. 

Yoni Reawakening with Krystal Alexander-Hille (8-9:30pm)

This workshop is only for those with vulvas. We will…

-        Explore the current state of our yoni through gentle self-touch

-        Normalise and release any shame that we feel and experience usually in separation

-        Draw on collective energy to release layers of numbness and stagnation so that we can reawaken the natural state of our juicy, alive and vibrant yoni once again.

Bring your questions about relating to your partners intimately and how to communicate with current or future lovers to prevent yoni trauma and numbing from happening again.