Please Read This If You Want To Propose a Workshop 

Every year we receive countless requests from people wishing to give workshops at the festival. We do not make a call for applications like other festivals. The festival is not simply organised, it is curated with a specific dramaturgy in mind which changes every year with each edition. As a rule, the director only invites people to give workshops if he already knows the presenter's work first hand and is convinced they have something specific to offer within the overall framework of the festival each year. The 2018 edition of the schedule is full. Please do not ask if you can present a workshop there. 

Much more than workshop presenters, we are especially in need of people who will help us with organisation. If you'd like to help us with this, please fill out the Helper Application Form. If you do not know the director personally but would like to teach and/or perform at the festival in the future, feel free to introduce yourself to him at the festival, tell him about yourself and what you do.

We take a lot of pride in the quality of what we produce and really believe that we are the most intelligent, creative and exploratory sexuality event in Australia--in fact in the Southern Hemisphere. The festival has its roots in the Xplore Festival in Berlin with which we continue to have dialogue and exchange. Because quality and integrity are very important to us we have such a strict policy about who teaches and what is taught and performed. Moreover, we pay all our teachers (in many cases many thousands of dollars), which we know not to be the case for other festivals in Australia, who have in our view adopted a business model that concedes too much to the market and not enough to eroticism, creativity and social change.  

Peter Banki, Ph.D.