Important Information

2019 Canberra Edition of the Really Good Sex Festival

Thank you for booking for the 2019 Canberra edition of the Really Good Sex Festival. We hope you are as excited as we are. We would like to share with you some important information that will help make your festival experience as easy and amazing as possible. 


Please arrive at the Opening Ceremony by 9:30am Saturday 21st September. It is obligatory to attend the Opening Ceremony, as we will be giving important information about how to navigate the festival and how to behave safely in the space. If you cannot attend the Opening Ceremony, please let us know immediately - and we will organise for you to be inducted at another time, (whether you have bought a one-day or all-inclusive ticket).

The first workshops of the day start at 9:30 am sharp. Please arrive early to account for parking delays and registration. Lunch is from 1-2:30pm; 

All attendees will have to sign the Agreement and Waiver of Liability Form to gain entry into the festival. Please read the form before attending. Just click on this text to do so.

Arrival at the Curated Play Party is at 9pm. It is strongly recommended you attend the navigating a play party workshop at 8pm. If you are not there by 9pm, we will not give you entry.


A towel and/or a sarong is required for clothing optional workshops

Materials for safer sex (gloves, condoms, lube), sex toys (if you have). Some will be supplied also.

Loose comfortable clothes for daytime workshops and a costume is required for The Desire Play Party on Saturday night. It is not appropriate to wear jeans and t-shirt for the play party: Elegant, fetish, sexy, deviant, androgynous, flamboyant, gender fluid, cross-dress, outrageous. (If this requirement makes you anxious, don't worry, we will have some costumes on hand to help you.)


You can choose from 2 concurrent workshops happening in the 2 spaces throughout the day. You don't need to pre-book which workshop you're going to attend. You can choose on the day itself. Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes before the scheduled start time for each workshop.


Refreshments and light snacks are available for purchase at the venue.


You can find relevant info here.


If at anytime during the workshops you feel overwhelmed or depleted, please feel free to step out to rest, re-calibrate and recover. There will be people available to talk to, if you need.

In love and lust, 

Peter, Sarah, Ira and team.

Really Good Sex