Into the Wild 2019

Residential Festival in the Shoalhaven (near Nowra), NSW, 25-31 January 2019

Into the Wild is our most important event of the year. It is a unique opportunity to experience what it is like to live in a sex-positive space for an extended period of time in a natural bush setting. It is a chance to explore the full potential of your sexuality and gain new perspectives on creativity, intimacy, love and friendship. Into the Wild brings the most innovative presenters in the world to Australia to teach and co-create with our most talented local practitioners.

The festival combines 3 full days of workshops and performances, followed by 3 days of deep integration in a beautiful bush setting. 

During the first three days, there will be three concurrent 90 minute workshops running throughout the day with performances and curated play spaces each evening.  During the post-festival integration there will be a curated program to deepen the experience of the festival. There will be longer workshops and play installations, as well as the opportunity for organic creativity where participants play a role in developing the program under the guidance of experienced teachers.

Our Presenters and Performers

Into the Wild 2019 - Festival Tickets
from 649.00

It is possible to book for Into the Wild either for three days or six days. While not recommended, other booking possibilities are available on request. For the safety of the group, all participants must attend the opening ceremony on Sat. 26th January at 11am.

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Into the Wild 2019 - Accommodation Options
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Accommodation options are either for 3 or 6 nights, unless you are self-camping or bringing a camper van, in which case it is the same price for any period of the retreat. Couple accomodation includes your own separate room. Single beds are also available in shared accomodation with the genders separated. Glamping options are also available on the property.

Accommodation is either on the property itself or 5 minutes away by car in the next property which is equally beautiful. One can also book hotel accomodation in Nowra (10 minutes away).

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We know that not everybody likes to eat in the same way. So this year we have decided separate the catering from the ticket price to give you more food options. You can take one of two food options or a mixture of both:

1. The festival has its own full time caterer on site who will be preparing food during the whole 6 six days. Her name is Amanda Christenson from Thoughtful Food Co. You can purchase catering from Amanda either for the whole festival or a part thereof, i.e., for one day, three days or six days. Amanda's cooking is extremely healthy and organic.  

2. You can also self-cater, if you wish. There are two fully equipped kitchens on the property where you can cook yourself either to keep costs down or because you have special dietary needs. The town of Nowra is a 10 minute drive away where you can purchase anything you may need.