Writing and Dying with Richard James Allen

Ideas about death and dying run like a dark river through all of the ten books of poetry Australian poet Richard James Allen has thus far published.  In this workshop Richard will read from Thursday's Fictions (Five Islands Press), an epic tale in which the central character tries to cheat death by controlling her reincarnation; The Kamikaze Mind (Brandl & Schlesinger), a post-death extravaganza inside the mind of an astronaut stuck inside a black hole; and his most recent books, Fixing the Broken Nightingale (Flying Island Books) and The short story of you and I (UWAP), which touch on these themes in more lyric, meditative poetic forms.  Through interactive discussion with participants, Richard will move through the different tones and attitudes in the poems, recalling some of his inspirations, philosophical perspectives and fantastical imaginings on these subjects, and reveal how the writing itself is fight against, or a negotiation with, death. 

cropped_Richard-James-Allen-port rait-by-Saba-Vasefi-colour-grade-by-Samuel_Lucas-Allen-Copyright-©-2016-The-Physical-TV-Company.jpg

Richard James Allen is an Australian born poet whose writing has appeared widely in journals, anthologies, and online over many years.  Creator of #RichardReads (https://soundcloud.com/user-387793087), an online compendium of Global Poetry, Read Aloud, he has written ten books of poetry and edited a national anthology of writing for performance.  Richard is also well known for his multi-award-winning career as a filmmaker and choreographer with The Physical TV Company (http://physicaltv.com.au/) and as a performer in a range of media and contexts.