E-motion Yoga with Keith Motes

E-motion Yoga is a revolutionary synthesis of Yoga, Qigong, Kriya-Yoga (dynamic breath-work), Tantra (Neurogenic Tremoring - Organic body shaking) & Dance to release trapped and blocked emotions from our past that store in the electrical systems of our body causing physical and emotional health conditions thus preventing us from feeling our deepest form of love.

Have you ever held a yoga pose for some time and began to shake? This is not a sign of weakness or a time to change the pose... this is the beginning of something special, this is when the nervous system begins healing itself. Usually our mind tries to stop this shaking process and tighten the core etc. but when we guide it in an organic way and let it do what it wants to do, something amazing begins to happen. Some call it kundalini, a shaman may call it spirits leaving the body, but science is now proving the therapeutic process of neurogenic tremoring in healing the mind of trauma.

E-motion Yoga does not claim to fix problems rather it aims to support your body to do the organic healing which is what it was designed to do once we allow it. 

“E-motion Yoga is not really new, rather it is the oldest medicine on earth....the ecstatic shaking and tremoring of the human body which has it roots in mother Africa and our origins. The Kalahari bush peoples call themselves the secret keepers of the shaking medicine and have prophesied that this medicine which has become lost will be rediscovered. The human ego’s worst fear is losing control of their environment and their emotions, and especially of their bodies. Yet in order to achieve the mysterious transcendental bliss state that is necessary to experience deep inner healing, we must surrender control, we must loose it to gain it! ”

— Johnathon Dao (E-motion Yoga Founder)