Fighting Fairly in Love and Relationships with Tod McHendry

There's a reason why they say it's easy to be enlightened on a mountain top but if you want to see how "zen" you really are, get into a relationship!

It's possible to communicate about difficult subjects or uncomfortable feelings in a way that brings you closer together rather than doing damage to the relationship, hurting each other's feelings, breeding resentment, or creating distance. Relationship coach Tod Thompson will help you bring powerful communication tools on board so that you can "fight fairly" and come out the other side of conflict feeling more whole, connected and intimate with your partner. These skills are also relevant in friendships and with colleagues.

The workshop draws on elements of imago therapy, non-violent communication, twelve step recovery and tai chi. Once you have this capacity to work with each other's emotions, relationship can become an exciting journey of self-discovery and healing, as it brings up parts of yourself that you can't access alone.

Single people wanting to learn these relating skills are very welcome.

Tod McHendry has always had an intense interest in human beings and the human condition. This has expressed itself through involvement in a wide variety of lifestyles and practices from Thai Massage to trading financial markets. He got involved in the recovery movement over 17 years ago and as part of that exploration he developed a keen interest in psychology and counselling, specifically a variant of Gestalt termed Conscious Integration. Todd was recognised for his emotional courage, empathy and technical aptitude and was asked to co-lead and later lead emotional exploration process groups. Todd has always had a keen interest in the nexus of sexuality and authentic relating and the issues that arise through relating and how those issues can be a portal to healing less than optimal formative experiences.  Since 1992, Tai Chi Chuan has been a consistent source of experiencing and healing on the physical, emotional and energetic levels for Todd. It has been a source of great insight and inspiration and a touchstone in being present and harmonious in relationship.