The Beauty of Subtlety with Jacqueline Hellyer

It can be in in the smallest, most subdued, barely there moments that the greatest ecstasy can be felt. In a world where bigger, louder, faster reigns surpreme, where if something is good more must be better, we can miss the beauty of the subtle.

In this experiential workshop we’ll be exploring what’s teetering on the edge,  what hides in the muted, what lies in the spaces in-between…


Jacqueline Hellyer is one of Australia’s foremost experts on sex and sexuality – inspiring and healing through her work as a professional sex therapist, sex coach, Tantra teacher, author, blogger, media commentator and workshop leader.

Her knowledge and experience, from the scientific to the Tantric to the kinky, is as broad as it gets and she shares it in an incredibly open and inspiring way. She enables people to become fully in touch with their sexuality and to use this powerful energy to create extraordinary lives for themselves.

Jacqueline is very excited to be part of this festival of love and lust, helping people to explore their eroticism and sensuality.