The Body Connection with Jonno Katz

Words so often get in the way of intimate connection so let’s use our bodies. Through simple games and exercises participants will explore embodying communication through contact improvisation, a movement form that plays with physical contact. We will fine tune our senses while waking up our ability to listen and respond to what is happening in each moment through our physicality. This workshop will be aimed at people with a broad range of movement abilities, backgrounds and bodies. Completely curious beginners as well as trained dancers/performers are welcome. Participants will feel more fully engaged with their bodies, with their minds and with each other by examining perception, touch, shared weight, listening, synchronizing, experimenting, observing, and diving into various levels of awareness. It is a fun and safe place to explore motion, dance, touch and your imagination.

Jonno Katz is a performer, director, producer, editor, singer, teacher, acroyogi, musician and dancer. He is highly trained in theatrical improvisation and contact improvisation dance while also having extensive experience with Acroyoga and Capoeira. His background is mainly in physically devised theatre as a performer and director. He trained in the Le Coq style of theatre of neutral mask, Basal mask, half-mask, clowning, buffoon, mime and character. In addition he has explored many different types of improvisation such as Primal Theatre, Viewpoints, Action Theatre, Long Form, Plastique, Al Wunder and Andrew Morrish.