The Bordello with Peter Banki, Ph.D

The Bordello is a light-hearted fantasy role play structure which gives you the opportunity to explore and learn more about your sexuality. As a client in the bordello, you have permission to ask for what you want on the basis of spoken, mutual consent as the elementary condition for anything that may happen. The structure encourages you to be bold both in what you ask for and also in what you might be willing to provide as a service to another. All participants will have the chance to experience both roles, i.e., that of client and the service provider. There will be no money exchanged, but rather clients will offer a tribute, which the service provider might be willing to accept or not accept.

This workshop does not seek to make any comment on the realities of sex work or the lives of sex workers and their clients. It is a fictional bordello which is created for the purpose of helping people to explore and learn more about their sexuality. 

Bring an alluring costume!