The Symphonic Body with Jonathan Katz

The Symphonic body is part workshop/part performance. We will start off exploring soundscapes made with our voices while listening each other to create a chorus of aural improvisation. Participants will then move into partnerships applying touch and pressure to various parts of the body in a safe and consensual way. The pressure might be pleasant, painful or both. It could be the sensation of a good massage or something stronger. We will explore deep listening both to someone else’s body and the many bodies in the room. We then transform these sensations into sounds, gibberish, animal noises, sustained notes, real/abstract soundscapes or whatever comes directly into our imagination without being intermediated by our rational mind. As you give/receive sensations sounds emerge organically. Playing with these sensations we experience feelings and movement. Imagine playing someone’s body like a musical instrument. Or being played. And with a room full of instruments we can create a symphony as everyone reacts in the moment to an emergent artistic expression.

Jonno Katz is a performer, director, producer, editor, singer, teacher, acroyogi, musician and dancer. He is highly trained in theatrical improvisation and contact improvisation dance while also having extensive experience with Acroyoga and Capoeira. His background is mainly in physically devised theatre as a performer and director. He trained in the Le Coq style of theatre of neutral mask, Basal mask, half-mask, clowning, buffoon, mime and character. In addition he has explored many different types of improvisation such as Primal Theatre, Viewpoints, Action Theatre, Long Form, Plastique, Al Wunder and Andrew Morrish.