Fighting Fairly in Love and Relationships with Todd McGill

There's a reason why they say it's easy to be enlightened on a mountain top but if you want to see how "zen" you really are, get into a relationship!

Going to festivals and workshops to enliven your sex life is a fun and valuable experience, but it can also bring up your stuff! As a couple, how do you navigate this sensitive terrain? This workshop will teach you how to effectively handle it when either one of you gets very triggered.

It's possible to communicate about difficult subjects or uncomfortable feelings in a way that brings you closer together rather than doing damage to the relationship, hurting each other's feelings, breeding resentment, or creating distance. Relationship coaches Todd and Rosa McGill, will help you bring powerful communication tools on board so that you can "fight fairly" and come out the other side of conflict feeling more whole, connected and intimate with your partner. These skills are also relevant in friendships and with colleagues.

The workshop draws on elements of imago therapy, non-violent communication, twelve step recovery and tai chi. Once you have this capacity to work with each other's emotions, relationship can become an exciting journey of self-discovery and healing, as it brings up parts of yourself that you can't access alone.

Single people wanting to learn these relating skills are totally welcome.