Closing Ceremony - The 'Sex Positive' Village


The village is a play structure where festival participants are invited to propose a 'shop' where passersby may come to have a sensory, erotic or challenging kink experience.  'Shops' can range from the gentle and healing (such laughing salon, erotic massage, dance lessons, nude yoga) to the more demanding (such as Spanking, Shibari Flying, Sensory Derivation, Fear rituals, Electric Stimulation, Humiliation to be King or Queen, Smut Making, etc. ). The options are limited only by your imagination. 

The idea is to provide a radically inclusive space where everyone may have a role to play if they wish, rather than in a traditional play party where it is very often the case that some people feel frustrated because they feel excluded. 

Think in advance about what you'd like to propose and brings some props with you, if necessary. 

Concept inspired by Felix Ruckert.