EroticART: Life Drawing Salon

Life drawing often propounds a notion that the model is an object of art, void of sexuality. At EroticART we want to celebrate sexuality, see the body in its full sexual power and allow this energy exchange to enhance a creative experience as the artists and as the models. The atmosphere will be sexy, with sensual music, erotica readings and some mulled wine to share. 

In this space we are all invited to both draw and be drawn in a body positive and sexuality positive environment. Come to delight, excite and challenge your creative and sexual self. Nurture the artist within at EroticART's Life Drawing night where you are encouraged to express yourself. See and be the body in its full sexual power, bask in the glory of this feeling and let it guide your hands as the artist. 

Audience members have the opportunity to step into a modelling pose to be drawn at any time. If you choose to do this, you do not have to be nude, you’re welcome to strike a pose that makes you feel sexy and erotic in any state of undress. 

The event is an opportunity for all participants to be clothed in a way that they feel comfortable and sexy, feel free to take off a layer or two or three. This is not a play party or an opportunity to act on sexual impulses. Instead, we ask you to put that energy into creating erotic art.

We look forward to getting your creative juices flowing with EroticART's Life Drawing.

Note: EroticART offers a safe space to be fully embodied and aroused. In order to maintain this safe and non-threatening environment for everyone we ask that you be mindful of your actions and how they maybe be received by others. This is a 18+ event.

Concept by Ira and Isla at the EroticArt Project