Wrapped Up in Sensory Surrender with Charlotte Sway

Heavy restraint is the ultimate surrender.  Nothing to do, nowhere to go, but venture into one's own consciousness via sensory deprivation contrasting with the inventiveness of layered and dynamic sensory stimulation.  Using pallet wrap to entirely encase, or mummify, the bottom is a delicate art of tension.  Dehumanisation, objectification, metamorphosis, endurance, death and rebirth are a few of the frameworks for the D/s relationship in this hypnotic practice.  Charlotte will mummify her bunny; demonstrating how to do so safely, offering different ideas for the technique and sensation possibilities in play scenarios. Participants may also have the chance to experiment with wrapping their own limbs to gain a sense of the material and somatic experience.       

Charlotte Sway is an artist in the realm of sex and the senses.

A lifetime of theatrical experience now plays out in erotic adventures that focus on presence and connection. Using techniques and philosophies drawn from kink, modern tantra and live art/performance Charlotte tickles perceptions of eroticism - within self and everything else that is important. She is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and has won several awards for her sensory performances. She helps run Pulse, a sex positive venue in East Brunswick. Charlotte also makes performances with a focus on sustainability and cares deeply about the health of the planet and its diverse communities.