Mynx Mysteria and Kintamar have produced fiction and poetry, photographic artwork and live performances that blend our love for rope and other fetish desires to deliver an intuitive relationship with form, movement and beauty.

Kintamar is a practicing deshi of Japanese and Japanese inspired Bakushi, an artist crossing all media, light, paint, movement and written forms, constantly evolving.

Mynx Mysteria is a lifestyle and professional Mistress. She is a movement artist, dancer and instructor of mind and body. Together they share their experiences as they combine their artistic vision, exploring the mystique of sensory landscapes, fusing breath with breath in sensual exchange that has the depth of respect and integrity. She has been a presenter of various workshops in the BDSM community. The Art of Foot Pampering, Sensory Play, Pilates/Yoga for Bondage Enthusiasts. Navigating D/s relationships. Kintamar has assisted Mynx in these presentations. They have performed as part of OzKinkFest as well as Midsumma Festival and Raw Melbourne.