Letting the Trees Talk to Us with Klara Lotte

Tress are extraordinary beings are individuals who live in community, often with a huge family, with other living beings. Tress have lived on earth for a very, very long time. Perhaps they know things that are of interest to us.

To approach them we will meditate, letting our roots grow into the ground. Where they can meet and sense roots of other plants, mushrooms, water ...

Then we will spread out. In silence. Opening up, waiting for what's coming, what thoughts come. Letting them come. Letting the eyes go where they want to go. Letting happen what’s going to happen. Letting feelings, thoughts, appear and disappear. Letting the trees talk to you.


Klara Lotte is a passionate sculptress, art-therapist, editor, furniture-trainer based in Berlin, Europe. She loves to explore, question and practice the connections and possibilities of nature and Eros, animals and humans, dance and sex and society and love, to name a few. As for example in her thesis about the emerging notion of comfort and its consequences for the furniture and the social and love life in the 18th century in France or in performing in Felix Ruckerts "Farm". When Klara was a child she has spent her afternoons in her huge tree with her plush apes, now she misses this. She was never in a really wild continent like Australia and is very excited to meet its habitants and culture and nature.