Sharing Ourselves and Our Beloveds with Kimberly and Klara Lotte

We live in communities with ourselves, with our partners, our lovers, families, neighbours. How to deal with that? How to share ourselves and our beloveds?

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Klara Lotte is a passionate sculptress, a furniture-trainer, an art-therapist, an editor of a book about the possibilities and limits of forgiveness, based in Berlin, Europe. Klara Lotte is her sex-positive pseudonym. Klara loves to explore, question and practice the connections and possibilities of nature and Eros, animals and humans, sex, dance and language, society and love, to name a few. As for example in her thesis about the emerging notion of comfort and its consequences for the furniture and the social and love life in the 18th century in France or in performing in Felix Ruckerts "Farm".

She believes that 4 factors are extremely important for how we experience ourselves and the world. Our past, where we come from, our expectation, how we think the world is, our motivation, what drives us, and our attention, where our experience is directed in any moment. Changing one of those 4 can completely change our reality. Like changing our expectation concerning our reaction or the shape of the clitoris.

When Klara was a child she has spent her afternoons in her huge tree with her plush apes, now she misses this. She was never in a really wild continent like Australia and is very excited to meet its habitants and culture and nature.