Rape Fantasy Role Play with Sarah Roffey

Many women and some men experience rape fantasies from time to time. This not mean that they actually want to be raped. In this workshop, we will frankly discuss these fantasies and the conditions under which we may act them out in a consensual and very sexy way. During the workshop we will negotiate rape role plays, which will take place at some point later in the festival.

To be very clear, rape role play is about pretend rape and forcing people to do things that they pretend they don’t want to do, or doing things to them that they vociferously protest against, but are actually fine or in favor of. The basic idea behind a rape fantasy is that a person has a strong desire to be taken sexually by force. This typically includes a desire to be surprised or caught off guard, physically “captured” and restrained, roughly and aggressively physically attacked to one degree or another, and forced into allowing sexual penetration of the mouth, vagina, and/or anus.


Sarah Roffey is a faculty member of the School of Really Good Sex and has been involved with us since 2011. She believes that the school has given her wonderful opportunities to push herself out of her comfort zone, which in her case has to with sexuality but more to do with confronting shyness: talking to people, being in front of people and running workshops.

She has qualifications in Gender and Cultural Studies and Social work. She is one of the founders of OFF THE WALL INC and also one of the founders and facilitators of Sydney’s Critical Perspectives on Madness Reading Group. She has experience facilitating therapeutic and educational groups and workshops, including on sex and madness. She is informed in her work by her own experiences of distress and other states of mind and is interested in challenging dominant approaches to what is often termed 'mental illness'. Sarah is interested in the intersections between the body, writing, literature, erotica, sexuality, madness and the exploration of diverse experiences.