Wild Wild Beast with Juliette Dragon

This workshop is to liberate our internal beast and to reconnect with our instincts and our drives. It is a ludic ceremony to connect with the earth, to channel and welcome its energies, to let them rise in oneself, in our bodies, in our genital parts, to listen to the beating of our hearts, to vibrate, dance. Breathe into our tummies, visualise in meditating to find our animal totems, meet them, play with them, incarnate them, meet those of others.

What is this body before me? It is not he or she, it is no longer me, its our animals, set free like beasts, wild, savage, timid, aggressive, affectionate, playful, ardent. The bodies speak, rub against one another, avoid each other, sniff and lick one another, bit each other, roar, purr, catch one another, stick to one another, steal, crawl, gallop, dig, love…

The beast doesn’t judge. The beast doesn’t reflect. Our beast follows its instincts, goes directly towards its goal, rejects without consideration, abandons itself, plays, fucks, eats and drinks without hypocritical social airs and graces. A marvellous initiatory voyage outside of urban social contingencies, beyond taboos?

(Translation Peter Banki)


Juliette Dragon is a multidisciplinary artist. She has been a model for Martin Margiela and Jean-Paul Gaultier and dances for music bands all over Europe.

She has learned the circus arts and open-air theatre and specializes in fire. She was trained by Cassavetes's assistant, Kim Massee as an actor’s director.

In 2003, she created the Collectif Surprise Party, a new burlesque cabaret company, regrouping exclusively female dancers, acrobats, singers, comedians, pin-up and other performers that she directs in shows the she produces.

In 2008, she created l’"Ecole des Filles de Joie", which is the first New Burlesque Cabaret School in France. Whatever their age or body, the school teaches artists to use every trick in the book to seduce their audience. The goal of this school is to share professional tips with the students to help them to get rid of their inhibitions and boost their self-confidence by accepting their own bodies. Good times with the girls, to share, laugh, taming their feminity and develop self-assurance: a unique experience where you’ll meet yourself and your body, learn to love it and reveal its seductive powers. Fun and original art-therapy for all, even the shyest.

In 2009, she co-produced the first Paris Burlesque Festival thus federating the entire international scene for the Parisian audience’s pleasure.