Friendship with Peter Banki, Ph.D & Sebastian Job, Ph.D

In this workshops we will think about the state of friendship today; how the lines between friendship and work, and friends and lovers are often blurred, the question of friendship across differences in race, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, how social media has changed friendship, how friendship is blurred today with work, the friend-enemy, how much you rely on friends. fighting and rivalry among friends.

Sebastian Job and Peter Banki have been friends for some years. They met following the death of a mutual friend of theirs, PlatonArt. In this workshop they will talk about their friendship, its virtues and its challenges, and the role it plays in their lives. You will be invited to think about your friendship and the role it plays in your life.

Sebastian Job, Ph.D teaches at NIDA (the National Institute for Dramatic Arts) and is an Honorary Associate in the Department of Anthropology, University of Sydney. His research focuses on the psychological, cultural, and educational potential of traditional and new psychoactive substances.


Peter Kimberly Banki, Ph.D founded the School of Really Good Sex in 2015. Prior to that he curated Xplore - Festival of the Art of Lust in Sydney from 2011-2013. He says: “when you are intimate with someone, you see who they are. And that’s when it’s really exciting. Much more than their competence or whatever, it’s their being. Sex opens up and shows you a being at their most open and vulnerable, whatever their role.”

Peter has an extensive background in Iyengar yoga, dance and the martial arts (Capoeira Angola). His somatic and movement practice forms the basis of his work in the sex-positive field.

A selection of Peter's academic publications can be found at www.peterbanki.comKim