Loving D/s with Peter Banki, Ph.D and Natalia Je (4:30-6pm)

Kink is often thought about in terms of tying, whipping and the use of other implements. However, there is another much deeper dimension of kink, which is more psychological. It is often referred to as D/s or domination and submission. D/s involves power exchange, the eroticisation of hierarchical roles, fantasies of control, ownership, infantilisation, and the expression of emotions such as anger, fear, shame, surrender and devotion. D/s need not be physical at all to be effectively in place. The fantasies themselves very powerful. Just thinking about them can make us hard and wet.

In this workshop we will invite you to explore D/s dynamics. Peter and Natalia will perform aspects of their own D/s relationship and then propose scores which will help you to explore the beauty of submission and dominance in couples and threes. (You do not need to bring a partner to attend this workshop.)