Xxxxxxx is seeking an experienced Administration and Promotion Collaborator for project based work for a variety of parties, workshops, courses and festivals throughout the year.

We are a not for profit organisation which creates different events to educate and support artists on the topic of sexuality and Death and Dying.


Someone who believes –


How much promotion per event – how effective –


Apprententice idea – wanting to learn – clarify expectations


Give a percentage on the events– gross 5%

Pay a certain fee-

Probation period–




Promotion of events through email and Social Media posts.

Development of promotional strategies and campaigns

Video and Podcast production for promotional purposes -  

Assist in content development

Maintain and develop relationships with relevant partners.

Communication with customers

Website development


Branding strategy – the marketing ninja is the person to implement the branding strategy. The mission statement –


Professionalism and consistency across all media – and communications




High level written and verbal communication

Video editing skills

Working knowledge systems (Squarespace)

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Position Description

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