Erotic Yoga

As you know, everybody today has to market themselves, including us. You can fight against it, but one way or another you have to submit to this imperative. The question is only how to do it without losing your integrity? One day when we were deciding to make a promotional video, I sat down with the team at the School of Really Good Sex, Sarah Roffey, Oliver Damian and Ira Zev, and I asked each of them what their stand-out experiences were at the Festival. What I really wanted to know was why they were working with me, what is it that had made them so passionate about the School?

What was surprising was that they all pretty much said the same thing. The School of Really Good Sex had provided them with opportunities to confront their limits. For Ira, it was lying naked with three women while the audience poured wax over them; for Sarah, it was confronting her shyness; for Oliver, it was discovering the power of foot worship. Their boundaries of consent were in each case respected, but they were taken to an emotional and physical place they hadn't been to before. And in that place something opened up and changed them.

From listening to them, I learned that this is a large part of what our work is about. You can think of really good sex as a kind of yoga, i.e., as an informed way of learning to arrive at our limits and expand, without causing physical or emotional damage to ourselves or others. Such expansion, I believe, is healthy in a deep sense. As Ira Zev says, it can't just be all talk.

Peter Banki, Ph.D

School of Really Good Sex