I would prefer not to

A common misconception about our festivals is that it is just about going and having a lot of sex with strangers. This is not true. The purpose of our festivals is to create a sex-positive space, where, on the one hand, yes, people have permission to explore sexuality and eroticism in safety and security, but, on the other hand, it also means that people have the permission not to, if they so wish. Many people think that if they come into these spaces, they must engage in certain kinds of activities. Sometimes they think that if they don't manage to have lots of amazing sexual experiences, they are somehow deficient or a "loser". But this is not the point of what we're doing. The deeper purpose of our work is to help cultivate a certain maturity with these topics in all of us, such that one may come to realise that sometimes it can be just as valuable not to engage, that just being in a space where sexuality is allowed may change a great many things.

Recently, I did an interview about Into the Wild 2019 on 2SER radio, which elaborates further on this point. I think it also gives a good summary of what will happen at the upcoming festival and the philosophy behind it.

And if you're interested in the origins of the School of Really Good Sex, have a listen to a podcast from an interview I did in 2014 where I explain the vision and concept behind the first Festival we did under that name, which took place in January 2015 in Rushcutters Bay in Sydney.

In Love and Lust,

Peter Kimberly Banki, Ph.D