Pepper Pop has been heavily involved in the SM scene since the impressionable age of 20. From self experimentation at a young age, she has developed a keen interest in anything that deviates from the norm and stretches her concept of her own comfort zone. Over time, her interest grew from SM as an assistant to sexual pleasure to SM as an enjoyment in and of itself. Humble beginnings of playful spankings developed into an incredible tolerance of pain, particularly in her favourite sport of caning. Her interests, like BJ’s, are wide and varied, but mostly focus on spanking, caning, age play, suspension, boot worship, squirting and anything else creative and different.  

She thrives on being in the spotlight and as such, loves to perform, model, and dress up - especially in latex. She has also completed a BA in Gender Studies and regularly assists BJ in his seminars and workshops. Pepper looks to further develop her writing skills and begin publishing articles on SM in the future.