Founder and Director of the Festival and School of Really Good Sex and of the Festival of Death and Dying. Peter is also member of the Philosophy Research Initiative at the University of Western Sydney, where he has lectured and tutored in the School of Humanities and Languages.

Peter also has an extensive background in Iyengar yoga, dance and the martial arts (Capoeira Angola). His somatic and movement practice forms the basis of his work in the sex-positive field. His major teachers have been Annetta Luce, Sue-ellen Kohler and Felix Ruckert.

Peter believes that sex-positive spaces are necessary today more than ever, for they provide much needed possibilities for people to connect in ways that are generally not allowed in our culture and precious opportunities for people to re-discover their creativity and inventiveness. 

He holds a Ph.D from New York University (September, 2009). His book The Forgiveness To Come:  the Holocaust and the Hyper-Ethical  has been recently published with Fordham University Press (December 2017). His current research interests include the intersections between philosophy and sexuality, and the politics of reconciliation and forgiveness in relation to cultural trauma. 

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